About Us

Hi I am Ahyokah the founder of Ahyokah Yoni. I created this brand in 2017. Ahyokah means “she's brung happiness” and is also the tribal name my mother chose for me which I love!
Ahyokah was inspired after watching my mom work with healing herbs. She is very spiritual and is connected to the body, mind and spirit. Having a mother like her has influenced me to begin my real journey on discovering natural healing ways for the vagina. As I studied, I then came across an ancient practice called “Yoni Steaming.’’ As i continued my studies i also learned that many women to this day still Yoni Steam in many parts of the world.
After many years of research and creating the right blends, I finally launched in 2020!!
Thank You for all the love and support. I appreciate all of the family that choose to tap in. I am on my awakening path and now we.