When should I avoid doing a steam?

  • Pregnant or if there is any possibility of pregnancy. 
  • During your menstrual cycle. 
  • Experiencing a fever. 
  • Have an IUD (please remove before your service)
  • Experiencing extremely heavy flowing menses. 
  • Have any open cuts, wounds, stitches and or sores. 
  • With genital piercings. ALL Piercings must be removed prior to arrival because they may heat and possibly cause burning. 


Q. Why can I not use yoni pearls if I am breastfeeding, pregnant or have a hymen intact?

          A. You cannot use them if breastfeeding because these pearls are inserted into your vagina, one of, if not the most absorbent place in your body. The herbs in these pearls may circulate throughout your body, including your breast milk. We do not want young babies ingesting the milk with herbs in them, although they are all natural, the developing organs may not be able to fully process them.

If you have your hymen in tact due to the strong nature of the herbs inside of our product, being that they can help with fibroids and cysts they have the abiity to break the thin tisue that is your hymen.If this does not matter to you then proceed with using, but if it matters then don't use the product.

If you are pregnant you can not use our product as we do not know how the herbs will affect your growing child.


Q. How often should I steam?

          A. How often you steam is up to you & never on your menstrual cycle.


Q. How long should I wait to steam after giving birth, miscarriage or an abortion?

          A. You should wait at least two months to steam and make sure you do not have any internal cuts. If you want to steam earlier after giving birth, please ask your midwife or doula. 


Q. Why should this not be used  while pregnant?

          A. Steaming may harm your developing baby.


Q. Does Yoni steaming really work?

          A. There will always be those who doubt remedies that are not proven by modern science. However, yoni steaming is a remedy that has stood the test of time. For generations, women have shared their success stories among one another, and are only now beginning to share them with the world. 

Q. Does the Yoni Pearls really work?

          A. We are the only company that makes hand made Yoni Pearls. Not manufactured in China. That means that my we personally choose each herb specifically for the woman's body.

Q. I had discharge or bleeding after I yoni steamed. What does this mean?

          A. If you have a lot of “induration” (stuck material) inside your uterus, you can probably feel that it really wants and needs to come out. In this case, the herbal steam may immediately help to loosen it. This could result in the uterine lining shedding, which would of course mean bleeding, even if it is not the usual time of the month. Don’t be alarmed, even if a lot of material comes out over the next few days. Yoni pearls help with the induration.

Q. I experienced cramps after yoni steaming. Why would this be?

          A. Again, if the lining of your uterine walls is indurated, there is likely a great deal of material left over from past cycles that needs to be released. With the support of the herbs, your uterus will begin to work hard to release the stuck material. Because your uterus contracts when it works, this could cause some discomfort in the short term, but there is no need to worry! Your future cycles should be more comfortable as a result.  


Refund Policy

Please note that due to the intimate nature of the products, all sales are final. Refunds are given in the form of store credit. Returns/refunds will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by our Customer Service team prior to shipping products back to us! 

1) Updating Order or Shipping Address

Order updates are only available prior to the order being fulfilled by our warehouse. If an order has already been processed and/or shipped, it will be too late to update an address or the order. If you need to update your order for any reason, reach out to us as soon as possible to ensure we are able to make any edits to the order prior to it shipping! If your package has already shipped out or has been processed by our warehouse, any address changes can be made by you directly with the shipping carrier. 

2) Missing Items/Package Not Received

If an item was missing in the package, notify us as soon as possible! We will send you a new item immediately if it is in stock. Prior to reaching out to us, please verify if you have more than one tracking number. 

  1. You must notify us of any missing items within seven (7) business days of delivery.
  2. Contact us with the invoice number, contact information, and a list of missing items.
  3. Please send us the picture of the package where there is a description of what was in the box.
  4. Once we have received the claim from you, along with the package image, our customer representative will inspect your order & contact you and a new product will be sent to you, if warranted.

Please note that certain countries’ customs can delay packages by weeks, which is entirely out of our control. Please be patient and contact your local customs agency for questions about releasing items.

Note: Customers are responsible for any international customs charges imposed by their respective country.